RTD Board Questions


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I have a previous RTD board that had a note that it only works with the PT-1000 sensors (not sure of the version) and have received a new 6.2 version of the RTD board. The documentation still shows this board having jumper support for both PT-100 and PT-1000 and these jumpers do not appear to be on this version of the board. Does this board only support the PT-1000 sensor? I need to buy the correct sensors although the web site seems to show you selling PT-100 sensors. I also recall that you could modify the board with resisters to use different temperature sensors. Please advise.


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We had a version that works with both PT1000 and PT100 selectable from jumpers. Now the card works with PT100 only, and that is why we sell PT100 sensors. Sorry for the outdated user manual.