Not Getting 12v Outputs on my 2A/24V Sixteen-Relays Hat


New member

I'm very new at this sort of thing, so apologies if the answer to this is something fundamental!

I'm currently feeding 3.3 volts into the COM terminals for each relay pair on my sixteen-relays hat, to try and get 12 volts out of each relay in turn. Instead of this happening however, each relay just outputs 3.3 volts without any amplification occurring. The same issue happens no matter how many volts I put into the COM terminals - each relay appears to just take the voltage coming in, and output the same amount.

Each 3.3 volt input is coming from a different GPIO pin, for reference. I've written a script that triggers the GPIO pins periodically, however I need more volts than the 3.3 that the GPIO pins can provide (hence my use of the hat to try and amplify the voltage).

Would anybody happen to know what I'm missing? Thanks for the help!