new multi input card

jan bozelie

New member
about the new multi inputcard
Do you mean 1K or 10K thermistors) à Or PT 100 (1000) temperature sensors

May its wise to deliver high presision external resistors (500ohm) (~0.2W) to turn 4-20mA signals into 0-10V

Else I would not expect you call it a 16 universal inputs HAT
if you want to save mony replace the dipswitche by soldering parts , you will set them once in life ( usecase )


Staff member
If you refer at the 16-universal- inputs (the one that has not been released)each input can read 0-10V, or 1K thermistor, or 10K thermistor, or read dry contacts.
If you refer to the Multi_IO, we have 3 wires PT100 high resolution inputs.
Not every one have a solder iron to place or remove the solder parts.