Multi IO Card user manual update request


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Good Day,

This is my first post here. My name is Darrin, I am from South Africa.
I am trying to learn to code on my Raspberry Pi using the Codesys and the Multi IO card.

I would like to just point out there are some small update needed in the Multi-IO-UsersGuide.pdf V1.3 document.
The links in the V1.3 Documents to the GIT hub repository on page 5 & 14 do not work. The issue is as follows:

V1.3 Document
3. Install the software from
a. ~$ git clone
b. ~$ cd /home/pi/ multi-io -rpi
c. ~/megabas-rpi$ sudo make install

It seems like the "-" is the issue.
I am not sure where to report the issue, sorry if this is not the correct place.

Kind regards