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I am currently utilizing a Raspberry Pi 4 paired with the Building Automation Hat V4. My objective is to establish a connection to an air flow meter through Modbus.

I am using Python in conjunction with the MinimalModbus library. However, when attempting to read a register, I encounter the following error: minimalmodbus.InvalidResponseError: Checksum error in RTU mode:. Upon inspecting the bus traffic with an oscilloscope, it appears that the device is not responding to any signals.

Does anyone have any insights into what might be going wrong?


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I am guessing you already disable the card modbus interface ( megabas 0 rs485wr 0 0 0 0 0).
At a first look the picture (A and B signals) looks good but sims like your sensor did not respond or you did not record enough time.


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Yes, I have disabled it. And I recorded more time, but it was cut off.
Is the voltage, and the variation in voltage, at a reasonable level in your opinion?

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Do you have some more side info about the setup. You are trying to read from the airflow meter, so that would be the master and you should "run" a client.

Also, looks you run modbus over RS485. My experience is, that swapping both A en B wire can help as wel. Just try. Nothing will damage. Just to rule out possible faults.

Otherwise try to use pymodbus. or try modbus poll ( to make contact with the airflow meter.
It will give you a clue to search for the source of the fault.