Batteries not charging (Super Watchdog HAT with UPS Battery Backup for Raspberry Pi)


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Hello forum!

I am a customer from germany with a charging problem and i hope, you can help me.

I bought a "Super Watchdog HAT with UPS Battery Backup for Raspberry Pi" on the last few months and i aprreciate its performance and functionallity very well and it works for me very well. Unlikly i have problems, when the battery has gone low to re-charge it, so my script does not go into state 1 or 2, just into state 3 witch i interpreted as "FAILURE".

By using the cli (Watchdog Control Software ver 2.04) 'wdt -g c' the response is with USB-C plugged-in always state 3 so it is with the 2-Pin plug for the power supply connector always state 3. So i checked the HAT status led and noticed that the charge-led also does not light up. So i bought another set of rechargeable batteries from another manufacturer, in this case "SAMSUNG INR18650-35E" but with the same result. The batteries are not charging.

The installed raspberry pi 4 which the UPS is intended to, is unlikly installed into the meter cabinet on hat rail, so it is not as easy as possible to recharge the batteries once, they got on low charge.

So i am searching for the cause, the batteries are not charging.

Can you help me to find out, what i am doing wrong?

With best regards,


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As I said in the email, I guess you have a problem with the thermistor. After you fix it please repower the card to clear the error .
Let me know how it works.