Eight Relays 4A/120V 8-Layer Stackable HAT Relay 7 reversed?


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I just received an eight-relay HAT. When testing continuity, relay 7 appears to be reversed. On all other relays, the same connection is NO, but on relay 7, that connection shows continuity to the center connection. I have not written my script or tested Relay 7 for proper function. Is this normal?


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The pins of relay 7 are not reversed (if this is not marked on the silkscreen) but, please give me the card version number so I can check in the schematics.


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I just got one of these boards (v4.0). Card not detected on my rPi. No jumpers are used. i2cdetect shows the card at 0x28. 8relind -list says no boards are selected. using Python lib8relind the addressing is messed up.