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    RS485 from multiple boards

    Ah, didn't realize there was a schematic available, awesome, getting positive vibes from this company! Okay I see, I will either go that route or use the first port as is and then add an additional small UART->RS485 breakout next to it. I think there are also RS485 extenders that I could use...
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    RS485 from multiple boards

    If I stack two 16-relay hats can I use the RS485 on both boards? As I understand, the Raspberry PI supports two UARTs, meaning I should be able to connect two RS485, but that will only work if I'm able to re-route them to separate pins on the hat from the available jumper pins. I have more than...
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    Power distribution for RPI with many relays

    I'm going to setup a test system for switching 30x24V from a RPI and your stackable relay hats look really suitable for this. What I wonder is how I best distribute the power? I'm thinking of having a 230VAC to 24VDC supply and then split this into 30 wires that I connect to the relay terminals...